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NEMOA Offices Closed Monday, Oct 14th for Columbus Day
Enjoy your weekend.
Published: 10/11/13

Thanks for Completing Our Survey and Congrats to Our Prize Winners!

Survey Prize Winners are;
Gary Smith, Hodges Badge Co., Inc.
Sheryl Benjamin, Lake Group Media
Rob Nowak,The Dingley Press

Published: 10/02/13

Juggling Channel Chaos - How to Make Sense of the Omni-Channel Circus
No longer can we rely on legacy direct marketing formulas ... reaching consumers in this new era is like trying to orchestrate a three-ring circus. Customers are in control, the demand for attention outpaces even our best efforts, shiny new tactics are introduced every year and traditional attribution methods are myopic at best. How in the world do savvy marketers make sense of the Chaos?

Coming this Spring, NEMOA presents the directXchange conference designed to help merchants and suppliers juggle the Omni-Channel Circus. We are seeking speakers who will present thought-provoking content offering new ideas and proven strategies to help provide a solid roadmap to growth.

We are looking for content that answers the following questions:

How do I make sure the brand experience is consistent across all contact points? How do I manage this internally?
How do I evolve and keep my brand message relevant to communicate it in a meaningful way?
How critical is a Brand Evangelists?

Customer Acquisition
How do I decide where to spend my acquisition dollars?
What are new growth tactics that others are using?
Reactivate an old dormant customer or find a brand new one?

Customer Retention
How do I stay in front of my customers and maintain loyalty?
How often do my customers want to hear from me?
How do I engage customers at a deeper level?
What are some of the new attribution strategies?

Merchandise Strategies
What are techniques used to grow successful products lines and open new categories?
How can I create merchandise "stories" rather than skus?
SQUINCH is clearly of no value in an Omni-channel world. What KPI's should I use for my merchandise efforts?
How can I identify new trends that my customers will care about?
How should I work with the creative team bring merchandise stories to life?

Omni-Channel Tactics
How should I test, analyze and build strategies for mobile?
How should I test, analyze and build strategies for social tactics (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)
Are videos and rich content creation really worth the time and expense?
How do I make sure I'm driving customers and prospects to do something of value when I direct them to another channel (to both them AND my brand?)

What are the best strategies for building creative assets for all channels rather than just the catalog? Should my process change?
What are the design rules for Web 3.0?
What are the design rules for Catalog 3.0?
What are the design rules for Email 3.0?
How does "content" play a role in my overall creative efforts? How do I curate content that customers care about?
How do we create content that is new and unique to our brand and will drive incremental traffic to website?
Catalogs have evolved; what role does it play?

As NEMOA continues to grow it becomes critical that we provide relevant, up-to-date content. To that end, we ask that all speakers, once chosen, abide by the following:
- All topics must address or answer at least one of the questions posed above
- Submit your presentation one month beforehand to a designated board member for approval
- Provide your final presentation three weeks before the actual event
- Show up at least 1/2 hour before your presentation
- Attend the conference in its entirety
- Present information in a non-selling fashion

Please submit your proposal online, no later than October 15, 2013. The board will contact you once a decision has been made. We truly appreciate your interest!

Published: 10/01/13