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Help save our industry by posting a comment on

Our friend and colleague, Terri Alpert, CEO of Uno Alla Volta and Artisan Table, put together a Small Business Preservation Alliance and has been working with a FORBES columnist to get the word out about the unintended impact of the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) and the:

- danger of this tax if there is no simplification of tax jurisdictions
- devastating impact on small businesses with total sales over $1,000,000
- intent to level the playing field between local retailers and online superstores

WE CAN HELP WITH JUST A FEW CLICKS! We must band together and generate as much activity on the article as possible. The more views of the article, the more comments posted on it on, and the more postings and forwards on FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN, the higher the ranking. If we can get it into the top 10, it will be seen whenever regular readers go to the home screen and can accelerate from there.

Please! Time is of the essence! DO THIS TODAY!!!!



Click on the Headline to go to FORBES.COM
Published: 06/24/13

The NEMOA Education Xchange Free registration for students and faculty
If you are a student or faculty member and would like to learn more about how you can attend a directXchange conference for free, Please contact the NEMOA office for information.

Deadline for directXchange 2013 Fall Conference Friday, August 9th.
Published: 06/21/13

RRD Postal Action Alert USPS Evaluates The Possibility Of An Exigent Price Increase
The Postal Service is evaluating the possibility of filing an exigent price increase, which if approved, would go into effect in 2014. This is in response to a Board Of Governors' (BOG) request in April that instructed the Postal Service to delay implementing 5-day mail delivery and also to -

Published: 06/19/13

Last chance to SAVE - Early Bird Rates End TODAY!
Early Registration Rate - Only $199/person
Save $20 for each player. Registration fee includes 18 holes of golf, cart, lunch, reception, dinner and player gift.

Published: 06/17/13

How Catalogs Drive Your Business by Stephen Lett
The printed catalog is the main driver of traffic to the web. However, with all of the other touchpoints available to consumers today, how do we really know the impact of catalog mailings on web sales? And why do we give so much credit to the print catalog? There are a few reasons why...

Click on the headline to read more.
Published: 06/14/13

Early Bird Rates End Soon! Save $20
NEMOA's 13th Annual Charity Golf Outing
July 15, 2013
Wentworth by the Sea Country Club - Rye, NH
Published: 06/12/13

Update: State Internet Affiliate (Click Through) Nexus Laws
By Martin Eisenstein of BRANN & ISAACSON

Congressional action on the federal bill, the "Marketplace Fairness Act" ("MFA"), has largely dominated the discussion of nexus issues recently. If the MFA were enacted, Internet and catalog vendors would likely be required to collect use tax in states where such remote sellers have no physical presence. Under the version of MFA passed by the Senate and now being considered by the House of Representatives, if a state adopts minimum simplification standards, as specified in the MFA or under the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (neither of which in our opinion provide significant reduction of the administrative burdens on remote sellers), the state would be permitted to impose sales and use tax obligations on Internet and other direct marketers if the seller has as little as $1 million of sales nationwide. This federal legislation would supersede the physical presence standard of "substantial nexus" for sales and use taxes applicable under Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, 504 U.S. 298 (1992). Despite its passage in the Senate on May 6, 2013 the MFA is not yet law, and may well be rejected, modified, or replaced by a competing bill in the House. Indeed, as recently as last Thursday, June 6, Bob Goodlatte, the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, which is responsible for holding hearings on the MFA, announced that the House is working on alternatives to the MFA. Moreover, there is at least a 6 month period from adoption of the MFA until a company is required to collect and remit sales taxes.

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Published: 06/11/13

Paul Miller's ACMA Journal: 6th Annual National Catalog Forum Recap
ACMA has made available a number of speaker Powerpoint presentations and links to articles that appeared in Multichannel Merchant and Retail Online Integration magazines on sessions from the 6th Annual National Catalog Forum in Washington.

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Published: 06/10/13

Catalog Industry is Out-Gunned & Under-Manned - Take Action Now
Unless something happens soon, I predict the following:
Your postage costs will rise by 20% within 3 to 5 years, and...
You will spend 1.5% of the value of your revenues each year sorting out the massive complexity in collecting sales taxes on all your orders.

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Published: 06/04/13