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Paul Miller's ACMA Journal: Is There a Silver Lining in the PRC Decision?
The Silver Lining in the Postal Exigent Rate Increase Decision (if there's one to be had)
Published: 12/30/13

PRC Approves USPS Exigent Rate Increase
In Split Decision, PRC Approves Full Postage Exigent Rate Increase; Limits It To 2 Years

Published: 12/24/13

Song Beverly Strikes Again: Email Address Collection Added to Potentially Worrisome Activity
Eyes on eCom Law

Legal News & Information for Online and Direct Marketers

Published: 12/23/13

Seasons Greetings from NEMOA
Wishing you a happy holiday season and prosperous new year!

Thanks to everybody for a wonderful year of SHARING, LEARNING AND CONNECTING!

Sincerely, The NEMOA Board and Staff

NEMOA offices will be closed for the holidays on:
Tuesday, December 24
Wednesday, December 25
Tuesday, December 21
Wednesday, January 1
Published: 12/17/13

New directXchange Video Release: What do L.L.Bean, Harley, and Goldfish Have in Common?
Check out this clip of Andy James, New Pig's Sustainability Manager, from NEMOA's fall directXchange conference.
Great brands are loaded with empathy and understanding of the customer experience. If you stop forcing marketing ideas, and turn instead to understanding how your customer experiences your brand, you become the "keeper of the flame," and your brand stories thrive.

While we can't share all the great networking and camaraderie that you get from attending a directXchange conference, NEMOA is letting us share some of the learning. If you are already a subscriber to Catalog University, Andy James' entire presentation is available in the Cat-U Library. If you are not yet a subscriber, please consider joining us. This month we will be adding more directXchange sessions from USPS's Nagisa Manabe, Alex and Ani's CEO Giovanni Feroce, Marketing whiz kid Lane Sutton, and more.
Published: 12/13/13

Shopping Shifts: Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2013
From Stacey Hawes of Epsilon December 5th, 2013
Published: 12/09/13

NEMOA News: December 2013

Published: 12/05/13