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ACMA's 2014 Greetings & 2015 Goals

            Paul Miller
         December 23, 2014

  ACMA Wishes You Well For the Holidays;
Sets Wish List For 2015

Dear Industry Executive:

On behalf of my colleagues Paul Miller and Cathy Roden, as well as the entire ACMA Board, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Before you hear the last of me this year, I thought I'd share some of our many goals for ACMA for 2015:
  • Ensure there are no surprises in postal rates; that if postage goes up at all, it be no greater than the current consumer price index, with no special assessments to catalog mail.
  • Help guide similarly situated members do catalog-specific negotiated service agreements like this year's by Potpourri Group; promote postal policy that leads to an increased use of the mail by catalogers.
  • Work Capitol Hill hard to usher in postal reform legislation that works in catalogers' best interests.
  • Having successfully kept the potentially harmful Marketplace Fairness Act from making it to the President's desk in the 113th Congress, renew our hard work with the True Simplification of Taxation (TruST) coalition to bring about a fair and proper resolution to the remote sales tax issue.
  • Build up ACMA's membership base well beyond the current 140 member companies. We need more catalogers and their suppliers out there to "get it" - to understand the extraordinary value of what we do. We need all members in this effort - the bigger your ACMA becomes, the more we can accomplish on your behalf.
Special Members Only Holiday Gift
ACMA Members are encouraged to click here to read a new special report from our government relations firm focused on how the House and Senate postal committees are shaping up for the 114th Congress (log-on and password required). We believe you will find it not only interesting, but it can also serve as a useful guide for those of you who reside in committee Members' districts.
We have other goals that we'd be happy to share with you. For now, we wish you a Happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. 


Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association
About ACMA
ACMA is a Washington-based not-for-profit organization specifically created to advocate for the unique collective interests of catalog mailers in regulatory, public and administrative matters where the shared impact transcends individual company interests. The only catalog owned and controlled trade group focused solely on the business interests of catalogers and their supply chain, ACMA participates in rule-making and other proceedings of significance where a single collective voice increases influence and effectiveness. Membership is open to any party with direct interests in the catalog industry. More information can be found at

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Published: 12/23/14