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Lois Brayfield
Disrupt, Delight, DRIVE!
The changing role of the catalog. Join Lois Brayfield for this fast and thought provoking Catalog University Pub Talk which starts with how catalog have evolved from a simple sales tool into something that can create an emotional connection, elevate a brand and still make a sale. Lois explains why the catalog is not only very much alive, it is still one of the most amazing advertising tactics available today. She breaks the catalog’s strength into three strengths:
In order to break through mailbox clutter, catalogs need to get attention as soon as they catch the customer’s eye. Lois shows examples of catalogs that have made real changes and gotten amazing results.
Based on the first look customers will judge whether a brand is expensive, cool, innovative, dowdy, boring or interesting. Making a real connection with customers is key to success in cataloging. To do that, catalogs need to delight customers. Lois shares her list of five ways to delight customers, as well as case studies and examples of brands that have gone far beyond the ordinary and been rewarded handsomely for it.
Ultimately the most important function of any catalog is to drive sales. In fact, Brands that are able to engage prospects at a meaningful level are 68% more likely to convert to a purchase. Lois shares examples of brands that are really engaging their customers. She covers the four most important parts of a great call to action and shares Tony Shieh’s simple acronym to help you remember them. This Pub Talk is sure to get your creative juices flowing!
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Published: 12/16/14