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Immediate Action Needed - Support Key Postal Reform Amendment
Urgent Industry Call to Action: Support Vital Amendment to Strike Damaging Sec. 301 From Senate Postal Reform Bill

Dear Member & Non-Member:

If you (or your catalog clients) want to be able to affordably mail catalogs in the future, the following matter requires your immediate attention and a quick and easy task on your part. ACMA and the entire mailing industry are solidly behind the effort by Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) to strike Section 301 from S. 1486, the Senate's Postal Reform Act of 2103 as introduced by Senators Carper and Coburn.

In brief, Section 301 (and the related Section 206, which another soon-to-be-released amendment will seek to strike - and ACMA also will support) would effectively do away with regulatory oversight and allow the USPS to raise rates however it sees fit, including busting the CPI-based rate cap. Click here for a one-page recap of the amendment.

Our Simple Ask
To show maximum support for Senator Baldwin's amendment and to bolster support among her colleagues, we are asking all catalogers and their suppliers to send a simple email to Senator Baldwin’s office indicating that your company supports the effort to strike Section 301. Your message can be very simple: "Please add my company to the list in support of the amendment to strike Section 301 from S. 1486." Include your company name and location, and locations of your fulfillment centers, call centers or other plants.

Senate Committee States
Although letters sent by industry members from any of the 50 states would be of value, it is most vital for companies with their headquarters, fulfillment centers, call centers, key suppliers or other plants within the states where Senate Homeland Security members are located: These are Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Where to Send Your Message

The email should be sent to and please be sure to cc so we can keep track of all who support this crucial amendment. Copy your own Senators also if you have a relationship with them - we'll be happy to help you locate their email addresses.

Whether you're an ACMA member or not, mailers have a chance here to take matters into their own hands, so please act right now.


Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association


About ACMA
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Published: 11/06/13