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ACMA Alert: Write Your Congressman ASAP to Get Needed Postal Reform Now

Call to Action:
CEO Letters to Congress Sought For
Postal Reform in Lame Duck Session

With the election behind us, we need to get Congress to pass its Postal Reform bill during the "Lame Duck" session. So please click here (full URL below if you need it) to access a draft of a letter to your Representatives and Senators. ACMA is calling on all with catalog interests to have their owner, chairman or CEO send a similar letter to all elected officials as soon as possible. A “congratulations on getting elected / re-elected” personalization or a “thank you for your service / I hope you will do one more important thing for us” - type message can also be added. Though the letter can come from any constituent, a C-level officer will have the most impact.

Our hope is that Congress deals with this during the closing weeks of the current session. It will be exceedingly hard to get anything out of the Lame Duck session, but hopefully this is an item legislators can decide to put behind them. A fair bit of preparatory work has been done in Washington by a wide coalition of interests to make this point. Perhaps because it has not been viewed as popular, Congress has dealt with postal legislation twice before in lame ducks, the most recent being the 2006 PAEA law. Hopefully with our urging, it will happen again before the new Congress is seated in January.
Delivery Crucial - and ASAP
Send your letter to the Washington office via fax with a first class mail backup (that will arrive two weeks later due to the special anthrax irradiation it receives). You can also email a pdf of the letter or simply send an email with your company information attached. Please do this right away so it is in their hands within one week. Lame Duck goes very quickly. Let Paul Miller or me know if you have any questions. For the draft letter, the full URL is as follows:

Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association
Direct: 401-529-8183


Published: 11/07/12