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PMG Potter to Retire Dec. 3
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October 26, 2010

Special Bulletin: PMG Potter to Retire Dec. 3; Deputy PMG Donahoe to Succeed

Dear Catalogers, Suppliers & Others With Catalog Interests:

We heard late Monday that Postmaster General John E. “Jack” Potter announced his plans to retire, effective Dec. 3. He will be succeeded by Deputy PMG Pat Donahoe, who addressed ACMA’s National Catalog Forum this past April.

Jack Potter was the most effective PMG I have witnessed in more than two decades of following postal affairs. Presiding over the Postal Service during extremely challenging times, Potter responded by cutting postal expenses and working extensively with all postal stakeholders to accelerate the pace of change in what is one of the largest institutions in the country.

The choice of Pat Donahoe to succeed Potter is a very wise one given the circumstances we are facing now in a critical sector of the national infrastructure. Having worked closely with the DPMG, we at ACMA have seen his commitment to progress, sense of urgency, energy and vision. We are confident the agency remains under strong leadership with a committed executive team.

The pressures of the job must be intense. While there is no good time to make a change of this magnitude, there remains a skilled executive and managerial team within the USPS. I am personally sorry to see the USPS lose an able and committed leader, but I also know this brings the opportunity for further change and development. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Mr. Donahoe and the team he appoints.

We do not anticipate any immediate change to USPS policies, but look forward to learning how the new PMG will shape the Postal Service to respond to the numerous demands it now faces. As a critical element of the mailing industry that mails more than 12 billion catalogs each year and nearly half as many other packages, letters and cards, the catalog industry stands ready and willing to help address these challenges so that the financial results for both catalogers and the USPS are improved.
Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association
Direct: 401-529-8183

Published: 10/26/11