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Marketplace Fairness Act Update
ACMA, Members' Action Keeps MFA In Holding Pattern...At Least For Now

Dear Industry Participant:

At this time of year, the popular press typically runs pieces on the catalog industry or issues we face. The Black Friday edition of USA Today quotes ACMA in a front page article on Internet sales tax and then lends its editorial might in favor of MFA, while giving our coalition partner the Opposing View.


ACMA was told in mid-2012 that an Internet sales tax was a “done deal,” and that catalogers should be prepared to start collecting taxes on all transactions as of January 1st, 2013. Due to the hard work of ACMA, its members, and some allied associations that joined us in founding True Simplification of Taxation (TruST), this potential reversal of the Quill precedent to require all remote sellers to collect and remit taxes on every transaction obviously has not happened.


When the Senate approved the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) last May with little warning or debate, it seemed certain the House would follow suit quickly. Our TruST coalition jumped into action to successfully slow the process and reshape the debate. Work continues on this significant threat that would cost catalogers dearly in additional administrative and compliance costs, consumer confusion and complexity.

Despite our success to this point, we're not out of the woods. Last month, rumors swirled that Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) would attempt to tack on MFA to the National Defense Authorization Act. Fortunately, it didn't happen but we remain at risk during the short legislative calendar after Thanksgiving recess. Plus, given the high profile of this issue, we can be certain we must continue to fight this battle next year. 


The key for catalogers is to have input into any changes made in Washington that impact our businesses. While relatively new for catalogers, because the ROI is so compelling, sophisticated industries stay engaged. ACMA continues to seek out companies that can develop a strong relationship with their senators and representatives. We challenge every company to get active with us to build a relationship with those in Washington that can dramatically impact our future. Member or not, ACMA will help you develop a relationship with those who count.

As you’re considering where you’ll lend your support in next year’s elections or who you’ll give your hard-earned dollars to, you may want to take into account how your senator voted on MFA. In fact, if you click to this page from the TruST site, by running your cursor over any state you can see how all the senators voted on MFA.

We’re expecting 2014 to see significant legislative battles in tax, postal, and probably privacy. Now is the time for our industry to engage, build relationships, and be in a strong position to influence the outcome of policy debates in each of these areas. Please take action and get involved. Together, we can influence the outcomes!



Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association




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Published: 11/29/13