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Urgent Call to Action: Owners & GMs - Step Up Now or Pay Forever

Urgent Industry Alert:
CEOs, Presidents: Last Call To Make A Difference;
Contact Your Senators Monday


Dear Catalog Industry Executive:


Whether you wrote last week or didn't get a chance to yet, the Senate is scheduled to take action on Monday. The Marketplace Fairness Act will definitely cost you money and could potentially ruin your catalog business. The industry needs all C-level executives to call to Senate offices Monday. Let's light up the lines. It will make a difference, especially if they know you - but call either way. This is our last chance to make a difference. Do not delay.


Click on each title below for all the important tools you'll need (each of which was also contained in our alert from Friday):


Guide to all U.S. Senators

Marketplace Fairness Act: Myths vs. Truths

TruST's Minimum Simplification Requirements

True Simplification of Taxation website

Click here to review the details ACMA distributed in our alert from Friday

Model Letter to Senators to Oppose Marketplace Fairness Act (but calls are greatly preferred)


Last and not least, we are working round-the-clock coordinating industry efforts, so we need to hear from you too. Please use the following address to let us know which actions you take:



Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association




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Published: 04/22/13