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Anti-Quill Tax Threat Will Deepen This Year

            Paul Miller
         March 28, 2013
Industry Bulletin:
Act Now or Collect Sales Taxes Forever
Window of Opportunity to Mobilize is Closing Fast

Dear Industry Member:
What a terrible week catalogs have had. Did you see the New York Times editorial saying you need to be collecting taxes and it is easy? Did you hear about Monday’s straw poll in which 75% of the Senate indicated they would vote in favor of forcing remote marketers collect sales tax? The Big Box retailers are getting closer to their goal of imposing an unfair new burden on you. Are you going to take it sitting down? Or do you want to fight and at least have an opportunity to impact the specifics of this new set of onerous requirements you have to comply with?

To date, 18 companies have contributed to the coalition we have built to fight this.  Only 18! Last year we were successful in preserving Quill in the House and Senate. We also kept Congress from making a change in the Lame Duck. We CAN impact the issue again this year, but NOT at the rate we are going. The ROI on this is off the charts – only a little money now can save you lots of money each and every year forever in compliance costs and lost sales due to customer confusion.

Need proof? Check out this mocked-up order form supplement if you think this is going to be easy. And this mock up doesn’t even cover all the exceptions or tax holidays that you will have to comply with.

So for catalogers, it’s time to stand up and be counted. Contribute to our tax fund today and help us shape this if not deplay it further. For want of a few hundred thousand dollars from a $200 billion industry, we can win. We have a strategy. We have the required expert consultants. We have lobbyists with access. We have a strong coalition of remote marketers (True Simplification of Taxation or TruST). What we DON’T have is sufficient resources to pull it off. Please step up and help. A $5,000 donation will make a difference; $25,000 makes you a leader. Whatever the amount, even $500, please do make this happen immediately.

Want to know more? Call us. We will be happy to tell you what this is going to cost you if we are not successful at blunting the gross overstatements of the other side.  We’ll explain why we think we can have a major impact IF we get the resources to do so. Forward this email to your CFO or CEO so they can write a check when they learn what is happening in Washington – and in state capitals across the country – virtually unopposed from anyone on our side.

You have a choice: underwrite us right now, or deal with 46 state tax administrators forever. With local, county and municipal authorities, you will have nearly 10,000 different tax regimes to comply with. This nightmare is coming at you quickly. We won’t get a second chance to influence the outcome. Make a difference. Do it today! There is not a second to spare and we don’t have the manpower to chase you so please support this vital work. Thank you.

Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association
Direct: 401-529-8183

© 2013 American Catalog Mailers Association, Inc. You are encouraged to pass this message on to others in the catalog industry..

Published: 03/28/13