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Anti-Quill Tax Threat Will Deepen This Year

January 18, 2013
Anti-Quill Tax Threat More Severe This Year
Than Ever Before Unless Industry Mobilizes
Dear Industry Participant:
Experts think it is inevitable that Congress will overturn the Quill precedent sometime this year. As a result, all remote marketers will be required to collect sales tax on every single transaction, both B2C and B2B, for more than 9,600 taxing jurisdictions. There’s a lot at stake here; consider all that remote marketers will have to deal with:

  • be subject to sales / use tax audits in 46 different states
  • face thousands of different tax reporting forms and remittance processes
  • be subjected to new corporate taxation and regulatory compliance by virtue of creating nexus in multiple new jurisdictions
  • depending on company size, compliance estimates vary but run as high as 17% of the tax collected and all this for a paltry third of a percent in new revenues for states and municipalities
  • and more!
Got all that? Now my question is, Do you care? If you do, please click here to read my full report.

Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director
American Catalog Mailers Association
Direct: 401-529-8183

Published: 01/19/13